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Our business approach
Black Duck Consulting grew from a recognition that member based organisations benefit from tailored communication strategies to leverage member engagement. We provide a high level of expertise based on the successful development of strategies and campaigns across a broad spectrum of organisations. Our experience ranges from superannuation funds, professional and industry associations to online and commercial retail operations.
As an independent strategic resource we recommend the appropriate media, campaign approach and suppliers to suit the strategic direction. Black Duck Consulting believes in using the most appropriate tools from the marketer’s toolbox to achieve your business objectives at the best possible level of investment.

Our philosophy is to leverage the level of positive member engagement through all relevant tools to build rapport, trust and, most importantly, transaction based activity. This in turn supports the brand to a wider community.

Our expertise in digital communication is backed by extensive direct marketing experience and sound business and marketing theory.
Our business approachAbout Black Duck ConsultingMartin's BlogTestimonials