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Martin Long FAMI, CPM Principal Consultant

Black Duck Consulting is led by Martin Long. A seasoned professional marketer, strategist and campaign manager, he has developed a unique perspective on retention and recruitment techniques for member based organisations.

He has assisted organisations ranging from The Association of Superannuation Funds (ASFA) and the NSW Farmers' Association to Scouts Australia. Many other organisations have benefited from his regular workshops run through Associations Forum, the peak body in the not for profit space.

Over the years Martin has worked on commercial projects related to membership for Goldmark Jewellers - the Gold Club - the ABC mail order business and Plum Financial Services for member engagement and retention. Strategies to lift the levels of member engagement and subsequent transaction activity have proved very successful.

His insight into the real issues faced by organisations in this area is matched by his abiliy to develop strategies that have real impact. He understands how to integrate traditional direct marketing techniques into the digital age of web 2.0 right through to social networking techniques. At the core is strong empathy for brand equity and the management of the brand through positioning and communication techniques.

Martin's workshops run through Associations Forum always attract great reviews for their practical solutions. A number of organisations have benefited materially from his expertise. See the Black Duck Consulting  testimonials page to see what others have said.

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Our business approachAbout Black Duck ConsultingMartin's BlogTestimonials